Cable Audits


CSI provide a Cable Audit service to establish the integrity of existing structured and fibre cabling infrastructures. Cable Audits can be simply a visual inspection of a cabling system to confirm the number and condition of outlets, or alternatively more complex to include full 100% testing of cabling systems. The audit is an especially useful tool for Clients looking to relocate to new offices.

Cable Audit advantages:

  • Confirm the integrity of the cabling system
  • Documented evidence of testing complete with faults found
  • Immediate return on investment potentially saving thousands of pounds in repair and replacement works

CSI recently completed two Cable Audits for existing Clients with startling results.



Cable Audit carried out at a premier managed office site in Reading highlighted the following:

Instructions from our Client: Visually inspect and confirm number of cabling outlets and floor boxes

Out of a total of 624 outlets 168 outlets (42 floor boxes) were missing. The outlets were traced under the access floor using a combination of test equipment and sheer hard work with the conclusion being that the previous occupier had on numerous occasions moved the outlets to suit new office layouts.

The missing cables had simply been cut at the floor box and left under the floor.

 A report detailing our findings was produced for the Client with the end result being the landlord paying for the remedial works necessary to reinstate the missing outlets and floor boxes.



Cable Audit carried out at a premier managed office site in Slough highlighted the following:

Instructions from our Client: 100% test integrity of cabling system (400 outlets)

The inspection highlighted the following faults:

  • Four different patch panel manufacturers and five different brands of outlets
  • Wrongly labeled and unlabelled outlets
  • Damaged outlets
  • Missing faceplates
  • Outlets failing testing

34% of the outlets failed because of the reasons listed above. CSI were asked to tender for the complete replacement of the cabling system and were ultimately awarded the contract to replace the entire cabling system.

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